A little bit about US

Hai Apa Khabar!! – as they say in Bahasa

For those customers who have dine at Beriani Ambok Restaurant and hired us for their Event, welcome back. If this is your first visit a very warm welcome and we hope you enjoy dining experience with us.

Beriani Ambok is located in the heart of Johor Bahru, near to Stadium Tan Sri Hassan Yunus Larkin.

The cuisine in Bugis is as important for the conversation and company as for the delicious food. What does AMBOK means? We always being asked this questions. AMBOK in Bugis Language means father or dad. And its exactly true when we gave this business name as Beriani Ambok because the recipes and inspirations come from our lovely DAD!

Spread love opportunity to be with friends, family and meet strangers over a bite to beat.

We hope you enjoy our little bit of Bugis taste at Beriani Ambok and happu with our catering services here in Johor Bahru.

Terima Kasih!!

Why WE love what WE do

Our idea from day one has been to create, produce and serve super great, full-flavored Beriani that has a beginning, middle, and finish to every bite. Everything at Beriani Ambok is ruled by taste.

We strive for efficient, uncompromised, sincere, fabulous, caring and exceptional service (as close to perfect as possible).

We want to be a good place to eat for everyone. We also want to be considered a good place to shop in-store or on the web. We offer something for everyone, from tempting Nasi Beriani to satisfy your sweet tooth to a delicious homemade Spices to take home to the family.

We provide a caring, genuine, free-spirited, diverse place to work.

We are excited about building strong relationships with everyone we interact with: our customers, our community, and our suppliers.

We communicate lavishly – with our customers and within our organization.

We want to be a place to learn. From learning what LEED certification means, to seeing fiddleheads for the first time, to discovering what Beriani tastes like, to learning about where our coffee comes from, we strive to be a progressive force behind the axiom of “knowledge is power.”

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